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  • Sept 17, 2008 – Gyeongju

    Gyeongju Today I seem to be continuing a trend when traveling through Asian countries. In Japan (2001), I lost a hat. Now twice this trip I have lost a hat (I brought two on this trip!). Now both are gone and I had to buy a new one which will hopefully make it through the […]

  • Sept 16, 2008 – An Dong to Gyeongju

    Yet another travel day, we have moved south from An Dong to Gyeongju about 2 hours south east. When we arrived at that bus terminal it was crazy and the line up for tickets was huge. It has been a long weekend in Korea as it is their Thanksgiving – Chosek. Today’s bus ride was […]

  • Sept 15 2008 – An Dong

    An Dong In the morning we hopped on a city bus and headed to visit the Dosan Seowon Confucian Academy. This site includes the hallowed lecture hall, dormitory, library, publishing place, etc. It is a very peaceful spot and you can see how it would be conducive to studying. We had lunch at Mr. Pizza […]

  • Sept 14 2008 – Andong / Hahoe Folk Village

    Andong / Hahoe Folk Village This is our first full day in An Dong and we are off by city bus to visit Hahoe folk village which is about 50 minutes by city bus outside of the city. The bus ride costs about 1 dollar. Hahoe is a village that has been preserved rather than […]

  • Sept 13 2008 – Sokcho to Andong

    Sokcho to Andong Another travel day. Moving from Sokcho to Andong. The directions we got from the tourist information office was to take a bus west back to Seoul then another bus to Andong. This would also involve changing to a different bus station in Seoul. Luckily for internet we discovered we could travel south […]

  • Sept 12, 2008 – Seoraksan National Park

    Sokcho / Seoraksan National Park Day 2 of hiking in the park. En route to the park by 9am after double checking to make sure the camera is there! The hike today is described as mostly easy with just 600m of hard hiking. We head off to Biseondae (Flying Fairy Peak) which is a veritical […]

  • Sept 11, 2008 – Seoraksan National Park

    Sokcho / Seoraksan National Park The day started off pretty nicely, up early to catch a city bus into the National Park. About a 20 minute bus ride later we arrived in the park, paid our entrace and started to decide on which trail to take. When we discovered that our camera was still in […]

  • Sept 10, 2008 – Seoul to Sokcho

    Seoul to Sokcho Internetless today. It is a travel day today. We moved from Seoul to Sokcho on the Northeast coast of Korea. Leaving Seoul by bus, we could see the develpment occuring in the south of Seoul. Entire blocks of apartments being built. Not just one 20 or 30 story building being erected but […]

  • Sept 9 2008 – Panmunjom / DMZ and Seoul

    Our first tour in Korea. This is one thing that I didn’t get to do on my first time through Korea, so it was a must do for this trip. The day starts with a passport check at the tour office and checking to make sure everyone conforms to the dress code (no shorts / […]

  • Sept 8 2008 – Seoul

    Seoul We have become regulars with the ‘sandwich lady’. Today we didn’t even need to order – as soon as we got to her truck she started cooking our breakfast. It’s so convienent. She is located just at the entrance to the subway. She seems to do a pretty brisk business. The plan for today […]