Sept 12, 2008 – Seoraksan National Park

Sokcho / Seoraksan National Park

Day 2 of hiking in the park. En route to the park by 9am after double checking to make sure the camera is there!

The hike today is described as mostly easy with just 600m of hard hiking. We head off to Biseondae (Flying Fairy Peak) which is a veritical rock formation that stands at the entrance to a gorge. Very easy to get to this location, from there was start ascending to Geumganggul Cave. It is on Biseondae halfway up to the peak. It reportedly has a 649 stairs to the entrance. It’s a tough climb. When got to the cave entrace, we were greated with “It’s very nice to meet you”. A Korean couple was resting in the cave before coming down. They were a teacher and principal from Incheon who come here once a year. The were very nice and shared some food they had with us and beer. Luckily I had read about the etiquette of drinking with Koreans.

If offered a glass, hold it while the beer is poured into the glass then drink it. Pass the glass back and fill it for the other person. It is apparently a sign of arrogance or self importance to fill your own glass.

After Biseondae we descended, then took the cable car to the top of another peak. It was a very civilized way to travel up, we were both pretty tired. There is more sun today than yesterday. It was a spectacular view as we ascended. We were going to try and find a waterfall but we don’t think we were able to get there from here. So we passed. Both of us were too tired to start another trail.

Travel day tomorrow off to Andong.