Sept 13 2008 – Sokcho to Andong

Sokcho to Andong

Another travel day. Moving from Sokcho to Andong. The directions we got from the tourist information office was to take a bus west back to Seoul then another bus to Andong. This would also involve changing to a different bus station in Seoul. Luckily for internet we discovered we could travel south from Sokcho to Gangeung and then take a train to Andong. This would save us probably 5 hours of travel. Upon arriving at Gangeung we found a bus was departing an hour earlier than the train and would get us in 2 hours earlier than taking the train!! It was all cheaper too!

The bus ride started as a very unadventurous ride. The highway system here is really good. I think there may be an American influence as the highway number signs are the same design as the US interstate highways. Our bus driver seemed be moving a good pace. If a car was in front of us and going slow – it was honked at – if it didn’t move we passed on the right. The trip was about 3 ½ hours. There was a brief 5 minute washroom stop. And he meant 5 minutes. I thought he was going to leave without Darlene. (Boy would I have been in trouble!). Someone else was late and the driver was standing in the doorway waiting for person anxiously.

As we got off the main highways it be became clear that the lines on the roads were merely suggestions. Yellow lines can be driven on the other side of. Solid lines can be crossed and the horn is an essential tool. If the are 2 lanes painted on the road, there are really 3 lanes that can be used.

We arrived in Andong only a few minutes late – which I’m sure almost caused our driver to have a stroke.

We are staying at a Motel call the Mun Wha. Our room is huge with a water dispenser, computer, fridge, 30 inch TV, UV sterilizer for drinking glasses. It is very nice. I suspect the hotel rents rooms by the hour. As got into our room we noticed a ‘couple’ leave the other room with no luggage. The room was then being cleaned. She was dressed very nicely, with a short short skirt. He was not dressed nearly as nicely.