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  • Sept 7 2008 – Seoul

    Seoul Took it easy this morning as we have had 2-12 hour long tiring days. The sandwich lady is off today – Darlene wandered around and found some huge and yummy muffins, chocolate and coffee milk, and Starbucks cold coffee products at a Crown bakery for breakfast. We have seen Crown Bakery often inSeoul. We […]

  • Sept 6, 2008 – Seoul

    Seoul Stopped at the sandwich lady to get breakfast – grilled westerns and then a coffee downtown. We saw a building with an interesting sign: Maple Bear which had the name of the institution Maple Bear and a teddy bear holding a Canadian Flag. The director was outside and spoke with us – he was […]

  • Sept 5, 2008 – Seoul

    Seoul This morning we went down to the transit station and on the way had breakfast: a woman had a sandwich cart which she made breakfast sandwiches – we had a grilled western sandwich with ham and cheese and sliced cabbage (I think) – Bruce had the all dressed with mustard, ketchup and a grainy […]

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