Sept 25, 2008 – Seoul / Suwon

Seoul / Suwon

The Korean Folk Village in Suwon, south of Seoul, is the Korean version of Upper Canada Village. It has replicas of traditional houses and some actual traditional houses that have been moved from different parts of Korea to give visitors an idea of how a village could have looked. As you move through the village you can see different classes of houses and how Koreans would have lived. They have actors who are living the part so you can see how some of the daily tasks are done.

The Village also has different performances that are done during the day. Today they were canceled due to rain. This is the first time during our trip that we have had rain during the day – it was off and on but never very hard. It was also cool enough to get us both wearing long sleeves.

Today seemed to be school trip day at the Folk Village – as it was full of school kids. Which meant we got to practice saying ‘Hello!’ to many kids.

After the village we traveled back into Seoul, about 2 hours of bus and subway, we arrived at Apgujeong, a high class shopping area. The area is packed with plastic surgery clinics and an anti-aging hospital. Didn’t look like there was any shopping for us. We did come across a very cool kind of bank – a Beer Bank!!