Sept 19, 2008 – Busan

Pusan (Busan)

Darlene wanted a beach, so she got a beach! We are in Pusan which is famous for its beaches. We are staying at Haeundae beach. Apparently the beach can have ½ million visitors a day during the peak season. Despite the fact that it is 30 degrees the beach is relatively deserted. We went down to swim in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) and sat on the beach for the last of the afternoon sun.

Pusan is the second largest city in Korea (about 4 million people) and is the largest port in Korea.

After walking home from a nice dinner tonight we discovered that we are staying in the red light district of the beach. We walked up a sidewalk that is lined with small shrubs by the street. Sitting in the doorway of many of the residences were women in bras.

As we have gotten back to a larger city we are reminded of how many western brands are in Korea. In Seoul when we first arrived Baskin Robbins was the first store I saw. We have seen many other western brands: Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, TGI Friday’s, Outback, Body Shop, Gap and many more. In some places you could feel that you are anywhere in the world and not in Korea.

The are some Korean brands that don’t translate well to the west. The computer in our last hotel was a new brand: Lemon Computer.