Sept 18 2008 – Gyeongju


We headed out to the Gyeongju National Museum this morning. It is a nice museum consisting of several buildings and some items that are outside to be visited. Outside there is a large bell which is the Divine Bell of King Seongdeok. Inside one of the buildings there was a depiction of how the bell was constructed – a large hole in the earth was dug in the shape of the bell and metal was heated until melted the the melted metal was poured into the “mold”. Apparently the bell can be heard for 2.5 miles when rung – this is when there is nothing in the way. There are many artifacts including crowns, belts, bowls and vessels, swords, tools, arrowheads, etc.

While we were at the museum several school trips with many children arrived. We heard the usual phrases that all the children learn: Hello, how are you, I am fine, where are you from, how old are you (a new one today), and nice to meet you. We also were asked to sign many of their notebooks and had our picture taken with a bunch of 12 year old boys. Kind of like being rock stars!

After lunch we headed to Imhaejeon site to see the Anapji man made pond and the reconstructed buildings that are an example of the several buildings that existed on this site as part of the Silla era. The area was a royal palace/ retreat around 700AD. It was very peaceful and nice when the sun went behind the clouds, otherwise it was stinking hot.

We spoke to a clerk at a Columbia store, she said it is very hot this year and that both this year and last year are hotter than normal. We are still having amazing weather. It has only rained on us one day so far and that was a very short period of time. Two nights ago it rained over night. Our favourite days are cloudy as they block the intensity of the sun.