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  • Oct 3 – Haines to Whitehorse

    Oct 3 – Haines to Whitehorse

  • Day 4- (Oct 1) Carcross / Tagish

    An early morning start to head to a great pancake breakfast.  The Whitehorse United Way Pancake Breakfast.  Joanne is a celebrity server and is supposed to be flipping pancakes, having been promoted from serving yogurt the year before.  It is a packed event at the Whitehorse Convention Center.  We arrive to find Joanne serving potatoes. …

  • Day 3 (Sept 30) – Whitehorse and environs

    Apparently we are good house guests.  When Joanne got in the shower to get ready for work, I got up and made coffee.  Joanne has told her co-workers that coffee was made for her – now we have even more places to stay in Whitehorse! As I look back on today and on vacations past…

  • Day 2: Whitehorse, Yukon

    The minute you walk outside you can feel that the pace and lifestyle is more relaxed.  We started the day with a brief hunt for an iPhone charging cable which Bruce forgot.  The first store we tried didn’t have one but got directed to The Source beside the Wal-Mart, close to the Canadian Tire.  As…

  • Day 1: Heading North of 60

    We are off to an exciting start: a pat down at airport security (not as invasive as you might think) and an unconfirmed sighting of Jean Chretien in the Ottawa airport!   So far so good but should be a long day with 3 flights to go! It was a long day – but awesome to…

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