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  • Photos from Korea

    Some 1300+ photos of the trip have now been editted to a mere 185 photos. The link will open a slide show at Flickr. Hope you enjoy! Bruce and Darlene

  • Sept 27, 2008 – Incheon

    It’s 1:30pm in Korea.  We are sitting at the airport terminal waiting for a flight home.  We board in about 25minutes.  Unlike Canadian airports who charge for internet access, the airport here gives it away, so we publish one final update. We arrived at the airport a fair bit early for our flight and have […]

  • Sept 26, 2008 – Seoul

    Seoul A trip back to the Insadong area allowed us to finish up the souvenir shopping and even some Christmas Shopping. This must be a record for me for starting my Christmas shopping. I suspect the same cannot be said for Darlene. After finishing our shopping expedition, we tried to find a walking route that […]

  • Sept 25, 2008 – Seoul / Suwon

    Seoul / Suwon The Korean Folk Village in Suwon, south of Seoul, is the Korean version of Upper Canada Village. It has replicas of traditional houses and some actual traditional houses that have been moved from different parts of Korea to give visitors an idea of how a village could have looked. As you move […]

  • Sept 24, 2008 – Seoul

    Seoul Just over 2 weeks ago we arrived at Changdeokung (Palace of Prospering Virtue) for the 11:30am tour to find out that it is closed on Mondays. Today it was open. You can only go into Changdeokung on a guided tour, so this was the biggest collection of English speaking people since we arrived here. […]

  • Sept 23, 2008 – Seoul

    Seoul The morning was spent catching up on documenting the trip and photos from the last few days. Our nights had been late so that we didn’t work on it. The work was done as we rode the train from Busan to Seoul. We took the KTX (Korea Train Express) – Korea’s high speed train. […]

  • Sept 22, 2008 – Busan

    Busan We traveled today to Beomeosa temple, an active temple. It was a 3km walk up a winding and pretty steep roadway. Luckily a shaded walk. For part of the trip we were not sure if we were going the right way – signs are not also where you need them (or at least where […]

  • Sept 21, 2008 – Busan

    Pusan We visited Hae Dung Yong Gong temple. It is another buddhist temple in Korea – there are a lot of them. This one differs from the last we have seen in that it is not set in the forest or up a mountain and isn’t a small hermitage on the shear face of a […]

  • Sept 20 2008 – Busan

    Busan Across from the Busan express train station is a sign “Shopping area for foreigners”. Obviously a sign like this must be checked out. It was a strange area with a very different feel to it. It creeped both of us out. There is Russian writing on many of the shops and bars. One man […]

  • Sept 19, 2008 – Busan

    Pusan (Busan) Darlene wanted a beach, so she got a beach! We are in Pusan which is famous for its beaches. We are staying at Haeundae beach. Apparently the beach can have ½ million visitors a day during the peak season. Despite the fact that it is 30 degrees the beach is relatively deserted. We […]