Oct 5 – Whitehorse to Dawson City

With out gift certificate in hand for our night at a brothel (okay- Dar will change this to former brothel), we head out for Dawson City. It’s 535km from Whitehorse. So, 5 hours drive – right? If you come from southern Ontario and think of the 401. But we are not in Kansas anymore.

We have a leisurely start to the day that get confused when we decide to rearrange transportation. We rent a car for Joanne and her dad and we take Joanne’s RAV4. Boy are we glad we did that. The drive starts cloudy, clears up and then becomes winter!  En route, we see 3 vehicles flipped in the ditch.  We drove through blizzards and clouds!   I guess that’s what happens when you drive another 500km north.  


For amusement, I turned the GPS on to see how far along we were.  The program estimated that we would arrive at 9:23pm.  We left Whitehorse at 1:20.  This changes our approach to the trip.  No more stopping at every scenic lookout.  We will do that on the way home.  Essential rest stops only.  Luckily rest stops don’t have Tim Horton’s.  They are a pull off from the highway and a couple of outhouses.  At the fancy stops there is an interpretative display.  We arrived 7:45pm.
They were happy to see us at Bombay Peggy’s, mostly that we survived the drive.  We checked into our room.  As we check in we are told to help ourselves to the port and sherry in the parlour, it’s complimentary.  We got takeout from the local greek restaurant as they were closing shortly.  Our stay included 2 complimentary drinks at the hotel so we got two of their world famous martinis to go with our gyros!