Day 3 (Sept 30) – Whitehorse and environs

Apparently we are good house guests.  When Joanne got in the shower to get ready for work, I got up and made coffee.  Joanne has told her co-workers that coffee was made for her – now we have even more places to stay in Whitehorse!
As I look back on today and on vacations past (places like Korea and Indonesia), I realize that going up is pretty consistent pattern.   So today we start with the Black Street Stairs.  A brief run around the neighborhood to warm up, then 3 repeats of the stairs (4 repeats if you are tough like Darlene).  These stairs are pretty cruel and as I ran through the formula for MAX heart rate, at my age, I think I probably set a new personal record.  What is more cruel than the stairs, is the hill leading to these stairs.  Though they connect Downtown to the airport and provide a walking back to Suburia (yes — suburbia) the stairs don’t start at the same level as downtown.

After a run, a shower it was off to The Chocolate Chain for lunch followed by some unsuccessful jacket shopping for Bruce.
We drove just south of the city to Miles Canyon and hiked to Canyon City.  Miles Canyon is on the Yukon River and a very treacherous portion of the river.  In the gold rush many miners lost their boats, provisions and lives trying to navigate the river.  The miners disregarded the advice of the First Nations people to portage the route.  Eventually, it was decreed that only experience drivers could ferry goods through the canyon and a tram way was developed.